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Artist Statement

I'm originally from Calgary and have lived in several places around Alberta as well as 2 years overseas in Brighton U.K. but ultimately I have always been drawn back to the beauty of this particular part of the world. In fact, the Rocky Mountains, the southern foothills and the prairies were what inspired me to expand the artistic journey of my youth into painting with acrylics. 

When I first decided that I wanted to learn how to paint I approached my good friend, Julie DeBoer, a landscape painter well known throughout western Canada, and asked if she'd be willing to help me start this journey. She agreed and in the time since I've had the privilege to have attended classes with Julie and other master painters such as David Langevin, Mitchell Albala and Heather Pant. My style so far has incorporated what I've learned and has allowed my own signature to emerge. Ultimately my hope is that a relationship is formed between the audience and the art itself and that I, as the artist, am just here to facilitate that relationship. 

"All forward steps are steps into the unknown"

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